Tools I Use

As a professional photographer, you get to play with a lot of toys. Cameras, Tripods, and Lens Covers are just the beginning. Then you've got outsourcing sites for help with post-production and special software to fix those red-eyes that make your clients look like demons. Here are just a handful of the tools I use every day.

Children's Toys

Yup. Not cameras or expensive video recorders. Children's toys. These things will save your butt as a photographer. Give that screaming kid a tiny fire truck and suddenly the little banshee turns from a show-stopping gig-ruiner to your best friend. The key to a good photo is keeping everyone happy. Especially the little ones!


If the President of the United States can use it to help get elected, then it's good enough for me. You can't believe how many gigs I've gotten just from responding to tweets! A business without photography gigs isn't a business. So get on there and start responding to people talking about their wedding or upcoming event...


You need the right gear. Don't cheap out here. Sony A9 Primary and Nikon D850 Backup. Plus a DJI Inspire 2 drone for aerial photography. Trust me here, getting the bride and groom kissing at elevation is a show-stopper.

Graphi Studio Storybooks saved my bacon. Never again will I spend 45-hours putting together a wedding photo book...

Things That Keep Me Alive

Besides Coffee...


Gear & Gadgets

Ah, cameras. They're every photographer's dream.

When they get the right one, everything will be perfect. The photos will practically take themselves.

Not true my friends. Not true at all.

Your skill as a photographer is your most important asset in taking great pictures. Your ability to do post-production with a good photoshop filter is second.



WP + Portfolio Gallery

If you're a good photographer, you need a good website.

Wordpress is pretty much the answer to that.

Now, there are a million WordPress Themes out there. Recently, people have been asking me which one I use to host Duncan Cox Photography.

I'd say try the portfolio gallery theme. It's 100% free, but don't judge it by price. I've used paid themes that turned out worse.



Katy Filsta

Katy is my hero.

She edits all my screwups away.

Recently she got pregnant and started a pregnancy blog.

She's editing photos, writing for her blog, and having a baby. Oh, and she has a day job. Epic!